Tynt Meadow is the name of the first English Trappist. This Trappist beer is brewed in Mount St. Bernard Abbey and is named after the hill near the abbey. Since 2018, Tynt Meadow officially qualifies as an Authentic Trappist Product, becoming the 12th official Trappist beer.

In 1835 the monks first settled in Mount St. Bernard Abbey and ran a dairy farm there for many years. For some years now, however, they have been looking for new sources of income to maintain the abbey and the surrounding land. Therefore, they decided to turn an empty part of the 19th century monastery in Coalville (Leicestershire) into a brewery in order to bring the brewing tradition that already existed about 200 years ago back to life.

The result is impressive: Tynt Meadow is a Double Trappist with a 7.4% alcohol percentage. Its aroma carries hints of dark chocolate, liquorice, and rich fruit flavours. The beer is full-bodied, gently balancing the taste of dark chocolate, pepper, and fig.


Tynt Meadow

  • 33 cl